South East Tour

"A mix of blistering fuzzed rave-ups and bluesy melodic tracks. Ernie's lead guitar and soaring vocals are exemplary through out." (Malesch Records)

"The title and packaging certainly give you the impression this is a live set, but that's not really the story here. Half of the ten tracks are pulled from Joseph's earlier band, The Giant Crab. The other five selections are billed as previously unreleased efforts, but tracks such as Keeping the Faith and How Many Times don't sound like concert recordings to our ears. In terms of quality, the new stuff varies from ponderous boogie (Satisfied Woman) to mildly entertaining (Truthfulness).  To be honest, the Giant Crab tracks such as the fuzz guitar propelled Hotline Conversation and the blue-eyed soul-ish Save Me provide the highlights." (BadCat Records)


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