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Steve Dunwoodie (1950-2011)

(April 22, 1950 - January 1, 2011)

Fans of Big Brother Ernie Joseph are saddened to hear the news of the passing of the band's drummer, Steve ("Stevie D") Dunwoodie. Steve passed away at Renown Medical Center on New Years Day, 2011. Steve was a kindhearted and loving father who also had more than just a knack for playing drums. To everyone who knew him, he was the best in the business. After  touring the southern United States in 1969 and 70 with Big Brother Ernie Joseph, Steve eventually decided to settle down with a wife and family while pursuing a career in warehousing...

"Makin' It" Official Poster

Hey, Collectors!

Big Brother Ernie Joseph's epic LP, "Confusion", is available at Amazon.

1. Heart Full of Rain
2. Wake Me Up in the Morning
3. E.S.P.
4. Heavi Load
5. We Gotta Live Together
6. L.L.A. (Lubricated Love Affair)
7. Saint James Infirmary
8. Gravis Delictum

Summer is HAWT...

And so is Ernie! Don't believe me? Check out the latest uploads in the Music Pix Gallery!

There are also some gigs where you can catch Ernie with the Brian Faith Band this summer. Scroll down the side bar to find those. You don't want to miss the party this band takes with it everywhere they go!

Speaking of the Brian Faith Band, have you caught their new website? Here's the link. Go. Now!

Many thanks to Cathy, as usual, for the great, new pix, and thanks to Brian Faith for the one used in this post!

Ernie Smokes it in Oye Como Va!

Upcoming Gigs

Ernie has a number of gigs that I'd like to call your attention to; you know you don't want to miss seeing him! The first one is tomorrow. Yes, I said TOMORROW!  Sorry for the late notice, but I only just found out myself. Hey, if I could, I'd be there for this one for sure. Looks like it's going to rock!

Click below to see info on these gigs.

Memories of the Road - Part 2

Traveling through the South East as a touring musician in a band back in the day was more a way of life than a tour. The south was an experiential way of living, which probably cannot be compared to any other time or place on earth. At any level of playing colleges and some of the bigger clubs, what was important was the interaction with the real people.

ERNIE: We were a California band in the midst of the pre-southern rock phenomenon. It was like being in the middle of a hurricaine with all this musical energy and excitement, and so much talent around. The local southern acts deserve high recognition. They were talented and tight. They had roadies and huge rental trucks, which were then non-existent in California on a local level. They had tons of Marshall/Hiwatt stacks, double-bass kick drums, slamming like Zeppelin's Jon Bonham...

Memories of The Road, Part 1

Recently, Ernie sent me his memories of the years he spent touring. Every musician worth his salt has to pay his dues on the road and Ernie is no exception. Here is Part 1 of those memories. If you enjoy these entries, please let me know by leaving a comment. It's appreciated!

ERNIE: Bill Holmes, our manager, scheduled two performances on one ominous, rainy night. His idea was for us to play a late afternoon concert at Gilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, then, hours later, take a private plane to the next gig in Richmond, Virginia. The show in Richmond was at an outdoor concert sponsored by local radio station WLEE 96.5 FM and the notable DJ celebrity, Shane. The plane was a single-engine Cessna.

Long Time, No See

Sorry about the lapse between posts. I've been pretty busy. Ready for a shameless plug? Well, here it is: I just published the first book of my Rock & Roll trilogy, Beyond The Bridge! Book One takes place in London during the height of the Sixties' British Invasion, and is full Rock legends, both imagined and real. I only mention it because the lead character was inspired by... Ernie! If you're interested in finding out more and watching the trailer, click here. It's available in both paperback and on Kindle.

Now, onto the next bit of news: You can catch Ernie, with Brian Faith Band, during the months of February, March, and April at Gigi's Cocktail Lounge, in Ventura. Ah, my home town... Just wish I was there to go see them! For those of you who are more fortunate, just click the link in the Gigs section in the side bar.

Hope your holidays were awesome and that you're staying warm!