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Backstage at the Avocado Festival 2015

How often does this happen? Bands that grew up together; and yes, we have a special kinship between us. Love these guys! Keep rockin’ my brothers and sisters: Ernie and The Emperors, Brian Faith Band, Out Of The Blue, The Cowsills, Exit, The Pups, The Rincon Band, and thanks a mil to Roger Gilbert. It was a pleasure playing with you guys.


A Note From Ernie

What a great show! Eric, Tebow, and Bobby, you guys are the best, man! Shades of Soul lead singer Luther Richmond's voice was on fire and Shades were as tight as ever! Out Of The Blue let me play with them, which was a dream come true. Bob Dolan from the Alice Cooper band was awesome on vocals and keyboards, as usual. The Groove Line were great and I really admire lead singer Becky's fight with cancer and that she still put on a great show! Pepe Marquez was fab on "There Ain't No Woman Like The One I Got." Wow! That was really hot. And Ray, thanks for the extra effort of making sure our sound system was up and happening. I also appreciated how fantastic you are on keyboards as well. We even got to play our original song appropriately entitled, "Good Times."

Love and gratitude from Cory Orosco and family. Thank you so much and may God bless.
Ernie (click below to see more great pix!)

Living in Love Valley

In the summer of 1970, the Love Valley Music Festival attracted a crowd of 250,000 people who attended the three day concert just north of Statesville, North Carolina. It had all the elements of an earlier Woodstock. The Allman Brothers, along with some of the Southeast’s top bands, were on the list of performers.

There are many references on the internet today where one can go search the history of the Love Valley Music Festival. You can also find photos of what Love Valley is today. It has always been an authentic western town, where visitors can enjoy riding the miles of trails on horseback. It even has a unique area where they staged rodeos, in the shape of a natural arena where the sloping hillsides converge on a central area. This was the stage area for the Love Valley Music Festival; the natural outdoor setting was perfect for a rock concert...