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A Unique Opportunity!

If you were at Santa Ynez High School sometime between 1964 and 1969, you’ll remember what an exciting time it was musically. There was the Royal Dolphin Club on Oak Street, where bands from all over the county played while we girls danced in our minis-dresses and go-go boots with boys wearing their powder blue cords and madras shirts. When the Dolphin closed its doors, the Barn in Santa Ynez opened theirs and, somewhere in there, we also danced at The Soaring Sun and all of the school dances. It seemed a live band played somewhere every weekend—and we were there!

In 1965 a band of four good looking guys in matching suits and dog collars performed at the Dolphin Club and took us by storm. That band was Ernie and The Emperors (the core of which was the three Orosco brothers, Ernie, Cory, and Brian) and they hooked us with their Reprise Records 45 “Meet Me At The Corner.” Do you remember going to Bob’s Appliances to buy your records? The Emperors’ single hit the Top 5 not only in that …