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Upcoming Gigs

Ernie has a number of gigs that I'd like to call your attention to; you know you don't want to miss seeing him! The first one is tomorrow. Yes, I said TOMORROW!  Sorry for the late notice, but I only just found out myself. Hey, if I could, I'd be there for this one for sure. Looks like it's going to rock!

Click below to see info on these gigs.

Memories of the Road - Part 2

Traveling through the South East as a touring musician in a band back in the day was more a way of life than a tour. The south was an experiential way of living, which probably cannot be compared to any other time or place on earth. At any level of playing colleges and some of the bigger clubs, what was important was the interaction with the real people.

ERNIE: We were a California band in the midst of the pre-southern rock phenomenon. It was like being in the middle of a hurricaine with all this musical energy and excitement, and so much talent around. The local southern acts deserve high recognition. They were talented and tight. They had roadies and huge rental trucks, which were then non-existent in California on a local level. They had tons of Marshall/Hiwatt stacks, double-bass kick drums, slamming like Zeppelin's Jon Bonham...