Upcoming Gigs

Ernie has a number of gigs that I'd like to call your attention to; you know you don't want to miss seeing him! The first one is tomorrow. Yes, I said TOMORROW!  Sorry for the late notice, but I only just found out myself. Hey, if I could, I'd be there for this one for sure. Looks like it's going to rock!

Click below to see info on these gigs.

This evening, Ernie and friends Jenny Zimmer and Brian Wise will be
celebrating the birthday of ICU's Jimmy Leroy in a Birthday Bash of
seismic proportions at Monty's Bar in Santa Barbara,
on Thursday the 31st, from 7-9pm.
Click Here for location and directions.

Of course, you never want to miss a chance to catch the exciting Brian Faith Band.
They're really a great group that will make you want to get up and dance.
Please check the 2011 Gigs schedule in the sidebar.

There'll be many more opportunities to see Ernie perform as we draw nearer to summer. I'll keep you posted!


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