Opening Night at the Old Town Tavern

Dear SK,

The gig at Old Town Tavern went well. I opened with an all-originals set with Brian Wise. We did songs off his new album like EZ Going One, Callin' Out, Whisper In My Ear, and Call You Wednesday. We ended the set with Mr. Black, a song about Brian's cat...

"Family Tree"
We took 10, I had a cold one, and went back on stage with ICU's Jimmy LeRoy. We opened with an original thing called Maybe It's You, then got the crowd going with its infectious Latin/Funk beat and went right into the crowd-pleaser, I See You, and songs Be With You, When I'm With You, Jimmy's classic rocker, Family Tree, and left the (by then buzzed) crowd with the new single, Get yourself together. Jay Younger, the manager, wants to extend our contract through August. Life's been good to us so far!

Love You,
Big Brother Ern & family


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