Ernie Joseph: A Musician's Musician

It's one thing to build a musical career by turning out chart-topping hits, playing major venues around the world and amassing millions of fans. Nothing wrong with that, but unfortunately, these are the only musicians most people ever hear about. Most people have no idea how many talented people it takes to make a hit or perform a large concert. Nor have they any idea what truly good musicianship is made of. They listen to music based solely on if they like it or not, which is as it should be; a musician without a listener is only half of the equation. Music is about communication, after all...

It's another thing to build a reputation based on the respect and admiration of one's peers--of other musicians who have been at it long enough to recognize true musicianship. That kind of esteem isn't based on personal likes or dislikes, but on years of learning the art and craft of music, and of developing an instinct for what does and doesn't work in a song, a recording, or a performance. Someone who passes the muster with their fellow musicians is called a "Musician's musician". That's what Ernie Joseph is.

Ernie is one of those rare musicians who has evolved and grown while unwittingly passing the litmus test of time. His reputation as a songwriter, guitarist, singer, performer, and producer is about as solid as it comes, but what's most striking is his lifelong dedication to music and other musicians. It has never been enough to concentrate on his own career, he has also worked tirelessly to help other musicians realize their dreams, whether it means bringing them on stage with him, playing backup with their fledgling bands, producing their recordings in his extensive studio, or simply giving them advice and friendship. This kind of generosity is a rare quality, especially today when the music business is being held hostage by corporations whose only concern is, "How much money can we make off of them?"

Ernie's vision is a different one:

"If one of us gets famous, we all get famous.
If one of us does well, we all do well. It's family."

This philosophy, which comes from neither humility nor false humility, arises from a deep understanding of the transformative power music holds over us as human beings, its power to bring us together, mend rifts, and to bring about understanding while giving his fans, friends and colleagues something to really rock to.

People are beginning to understand that the cream doesn't always rise to the top--sometimes it's the bilge disguised as cream that receives the most attention. But it's important to remember that for every musical act or musician that "makes the big time" there are hundreds, perhaps thousands of quality musicians who go through life making their music and sharing it with others, expecting nothing in return except the joy and excitement that music brings. Ernie has always known the importance of working together, which has gained him the profound respect that his peers hold for him as a Musician's musician.
Other musicians with whom Ernie has performed, recorded and/or toured:
  • The Allman Brothers
  • Ritchie Blackmore (Deep Purple, Rainbow, Blackmore's Night)
  • Tim Bogert (Vanilla Fudge & Jeff Beck)
  • Eddie Brigati (Young Rascals)
  • Cornelius Bumpus (Doobie Brothers)
  • Kenny Cetera (Chicago)
  • Deep Purple
  • Burleigh Drummond (Ambrosia)
  • Steve Dunwoodie (Grateful Dead)
  • Bobby Harris (The Drifters)
  • Doug Ingle (Iron Butterfly)
  • Jerry Joseph & Doug Gray (Marshall Tucker Band)
  • Christian Love (Beach Boys)
  • Steve Lukather (Toto)
  • Malia Mathis
  • Peter Noone (Herman's Hermits)
  • Roy Orbison
  • Rare Earth
  • J. Robison (Big Brother)
  • Jamie Shane (Canned Heat)
  • Floyd Sneed (Three Dog Night)
  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Nick St. Nicholas (Steppenwolf)
  • Strawberry Alarm Clock
  • Toad the Wet Sprocket
  • Hubert Tubbs (Tower of Power)
  • Chuck Wild (Missing Persons)
There are many others...


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