New Dates for August & September

This summer is turning out to be a busy one for Ernie, which gives us a lot of opportunities to see him perform live!

Besides his ongoing gig at the Old Town Tavern, he's added two dates at Borders Books on State Street in Santa Barbara, where he'll be performing with Black Angel, an exciting, fun group that plays good time Rock 'n Roll. What better way to spend a Saturday and Sunday afternoon than hanging at the beach, enjoying a tall cold one in a sidewalk cafe, and then listening to some great music.

Plan to be there!

Ernie Joseph: Lead guitar and lead  vocals
Audrey Turner (wife of Ike Turner): Lead vocals
Ronnie Turner (son of Ike and Tina Turner): Bass guitar
Cory Orosco: Keyboards and vocals
JC Martin: Guitar and lead Vocals
Tina Stephens: Drums and vocals

Black Angel has been described as "The  Rolling Stones Meet Tina Turner." They've played all over LA, including the Martini Lounge, Sruffy O'Shea's, The Joint, The West End, The Roxy, Chase Palm Park, The Wild Cat lounge, Roys, B.B. King's House of Blues, Paladino's, S.I.R. Showcase, as well as the Coach House in San Capistrano.

The band has completed four albums since December 2006, including O'California, O'Santa Barbara, O'Los Angeles, O'San Francisco, and three EPs. Explain It, Broke Dick Dog, Blonde Adventure, I Wanna Touch You and  Elvis Love Songs have received major airplay.

One Beer, from the O'California album, was selected as the Song Of The Year for 2007 by Chuck Eddy, Senior music Editor for Billboard Magazine in New York. One Beer has received over 10,500 plays on MySpace.

A Tour of the United States is now being organized with the assistance of Big Daddy J of Outlet Promotions.

"Black Angel has arrived. The Rolling Stones can finally retire."
(Broadcast Asylum, Chicago)


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