Embracing Change

One of the beautiful things of having the pleasure and honor of knowing Ernie through the years is what he has unwittingly taught me about life. I know he'll sort of cringe inside when he reads this and, although he'll probably not think it's true, he'll accept it in his usual humble and gracious fashion. But it is true. Probably his greatest strength is his willingness to go along with change and ride it through, having faith that all things work toward a greater good. From the early Emperors to today's Brian Faith Band, Ernie's career has been one of constant change--band name changes, member changes, repertoire changes--you name it. It hasn't always been easy to keep up, but Ernie is a strong and gentle man who instinctively understands it's music that always eases us along through life's changes. And that's what he's never failed to give us. Music.

This leads me to call your attention to the changes in this blog. Initially, I felt forced to make them, by Blogger, who has created an all-new platform with some confusing early bugs, but over the weekend I made the changes gladly. There are a couple of little issues I'm having to sort out and that Blogger and Google will eventually have to address. I've used Chrome since its inception, but in it there are some features that just don't show up.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you came here via Facebook, PLEASE click the "Home" link to see the blog's full look. The page you are on now is this entry's static page!
  • The sharing buttons are gone at the bottom of each post. They've been replaced by one "Share" button that opens a pretty cool drop down menu of social media choices. The problem is, this doesn't appear in Chrome.
  • The sidebar icon links to Ernie's various social pages don't show up in Chrome, either.
As a result, I'm forced to go back to Firefox until these bugs are worked out.

You will notice that there seems to be no sidebar for Ernie's gigs calendar, links and etc. This is an easy thing, though. Just click the three horizontal lines (what web pros call a "hamburger") to the right of the Search link at the top right of the page. The sidebar will magically appear. To make it go away, click the arrow. Easy!

Overall, I like the clean, new look, but I'll be customizing it in the days and weeks to come. In the meantime, if you run into any other issues, you can let me know by using the Contact link.

Thanks for your patience!

P.S. This photo of Ernie has nothing at all to do with this post, I just thought it was awesome!


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