Ernie Featured in Shindig! Magazine

Over the past few months Ernie and I have been communicating with Austin Matthews, a journalist with Shindig! Magazine, which is published each month in the United Kingdom. The happy outcome of all of the emails and interviews is a great article about Ernie and his thoughts on Ernie and the Emperors, Giant Crab, Big Brother Ernie Joseph, and the times these great bands were recording and performing. The current issue, August issue #28, is called the U.S. Psych Special and covers other bands including the Strawberry Alarm Clock, the Fallen Angels, and Clear Light, and also gives a list, 50 U.S. Psych Albums You Need to Hear.

To read this exciting issue and to become a subscriber, please follow this link. Below are other important links that you may like to visit: Shindig! Magazine's Blog / Shindig! Magazine's Facebook page


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